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Fresh paint exhibition, 2018

In a collaboration with Matan Loub the founder of the maker space Shin-Sheva in Tel Aviv. The Machine-Sheva was invented for people to design their own custom made CNC furniture in the exact dimensions they need, during their visit at the Shin-Sheva pavilion at the celebrated Fresh-Paint art fair in Tel aviv.


the platform enabled the user to set the following parameters in order to customize their own furniture piece:


Length,  Width, Height, Adding shelves, 3D Orbiting and order execution. 

pressing the red button made a DXF file ready to cut in a CNC machine.

All functions were controlled through an analog controller made with Arduino.

The programming was made with Grasshopper in Rhinoceros3D modeling software.

Concept developing, Grasshopper coding, UI/UX design and prototyping: Yoav Ronat.

Furniture design: Matan Loub

Arduino: Zvika Markfeld

'Singing of Ascents'

An Audio-Visual Site-Specific Ceremony at the Planetarium

Eretz Israel Museum | 2017, TLV, IL

The Brody Synagogue, Odessa, 1910.
Every Saturday, a large and diverse crowd filled the sanctuary of the elegant Brody synagogue – observant and secular Jews, and even their non-Jewish neighbors - to hear the beautiful singing of the synagogue choir led by Cantors Pinchas Minkowski and Yossele Rosenblatt and organist David Novakowski.

The Sabbath performance is the highlight of the week for the assembled. A moment when dreams are dreamed, intentions are clarified, desires become clear and the yearning for the return to Zion feels more tangible and lasting than ever. A moment in which music, emotion and spirituality merge into one place and time.

"Singing of Ascents" is an original composition, an audio-visual site-specific work, inspired by that moment.

For one evening, the Eretz-Israel Museum Planetarium was transformed from a place of interstellar exploration into a sacred sanctuary, a new galaxy where audiences embarked on a personal journey examine faith, yearning and wonder.

Watch a 4 min excerpt from the exhibition

Watch the full length projected visuals

Singing of Ascents Credits:

By: Yifeat Ziv

Co-Creator & Video Art: Yoav Ronat

Sound Design: Gavriel Mandel

Artistic Accompaniment: Yael Biegon Citron & Alex Riff


Premiered at the Odessa Tel-Aviv Festival, September 2017


'The Human Parameter'

By Ionatan Lazovsky

ZEZEZE Gallery | 2015, TLV, IL

The exhibition 'The human parameter' is designed to examine the current state of architecture and parametric design in Israel, focusing on a series of works by Israeli architects working in Israel, alongside the works of Israeli architects working abroad.


The exhibition tries to present the subject of parametric design in all its forms and manifestations in the local and global context of the fields of architecture and design, in a variety of layers, ranging from the way Israeli architects cope and integrate this thinking and medium into their work alongside "Israeli" examples from abroad.

Curator: Ionatan Lazovsky

Participants: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Prof. Yasha Grovman, Arch. Ariel Blonder, Haugen Zohar Architects, Nir Chen Architects, Arch. Anat stern (Zaha Hadid), Arch. Eran Ziv, Arch. Izhar Kadmi, Arch. Ori Adiri, Not Nathanson, Tom Porat & Yoav Ronat

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